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Aaron's Amusements

Terms and Conditions

Aarons Amusements Terms and Conditions

This agreement is between Britah Group Pty Ltd trading as Aarons Amusements and the hirer. You have requested the hire of equipment set out in your booking. You agree and accept our equipment provided to you on these terms and conditions.  You are accepting these terms and conditions by acknowledging at the time of booking or by making a deposit or payment to Aarons Amusements.

We will not be liable for any failure or delay in the performance of our obligations to you under the agreement if that failure or delay is due to circumstances beyond our reasonable control including, without limitation, any act of god including any mechanical, electronic, communications or third party supplier failure.

“Hirer” means any person who requests the hire of equipment to it, including its employees and agents.

“Equipment” means the items hire out by Aarons Amusements to the hirer
“Installers” employees representing Aarons Amusements

  1. Hire of Equipment
    We agree to provide the hire of equipment as set out in your booking to you the hirer for the hire duration. If you do not allow access to promptly collect the equipment at the end of the hire period, we reserve the right to charge a late fee.

    It is the responsibility of the hirer to ensure that you have checked the site to ensure the equipment will fit and will be free of obstructions and safe for all users. The site and access to must be clear and easily accessed by our installers. If the site is deemed unsuitable or the equipment does not fit at the time of delivery the hirer will still be liable for the full hire fee.

    It is the responsibility of the hirer to ensure that power requirements are available within easy access to the site of the equipment.

    It is the responsibility of the hirer to ensure that all information you provide is accurate. You agree to ensure that the delivery address:

    (a) allows a height of 3.4 metres for a truck or van to complete the delivery:
    (b) is a flat surface for delivery and equipment setup

You agree that if the delivery address involves stairs, steps or sloped surfaces that you must notify us as such and that we reserve the right to charge a fee for that inconvenience on delivery or pickup.
We will endeavor to deliver and collect the equipment as safe as possible but we will not be liable for any damage to personal property in doing so.

It is our commitment to have your equipment delivered to you prior to the commencement of your event start time. However we will not be held liable for any delays in delivery that are outside of our reasonable control, including but not limited to traffic and weather conditions.  If you require a specific guaranteed delivery time, we reserve the right to charge a fee for our inconvenience.

We will advise of our delivery and pickup time a minimum of the day prior to your event.

If you are not available to immediately accept the equipment on delivery or are not onsite at the time of pickup of the equipment, we reserve the right to charge for waiting, rearranging delivery or rearranging pickup of the equipment. 

2.  Use and Safety Provisions

  1. You acknowledge and agree that you are using our equipment in accordance with these safety provisions, and we are not liable for any loss, damage, or harm caused if these provisions are not followed.

    You agree to:
    (a) accepting these terms and conditions and completing the condition report on delivery
    (b) Direct us on where to drive stakes to secure the equipment into grass, as necessary
    (c) refrain from moving the equipment from the position the installers set it up in
    (d) Follow all troubleshooting instructions provided to you in relation to the equipment, including but not limited to the checklists provided
    (e) Ensure that a 240 volt outlet is available at the site where the equipment will be used, if the equipment requires power.
    (f) Ensure that a responsible adult over the age of 18 years is supervising the equipment
    (g) Ensure that no adult uses equipment specified for children
    (h) Ensure that the equipment is used in accordance with any instructions relating to height, weight and age restrictions
    (i) Ensure that no shoes are worn on the equipment
    (j) Ensure that no sharp objects or pets are permitted on the equipment
    (k) Ensure that no food, drink, paint, glitter or other sticky substances are permitted on the equipment
    (l) Ensure that any equipment secured by ropes are correctly secured
    (m) Remove all people from the equipment and prohibit use of the equipment if the equipment is located outside and there is strong wind, rain or other severe weather
    (n) Ensure that if children are using the equipment as a group, that such use is safe and suitable, and that the children are grouped by size and weight for safety
    (o) ensure that the weight limit of the equipment is not exceeded as per our website
    (p) Ensure that we are notified promptly on the day of using the equipment, and in any event, within the hire period if there are any issues with the hire goods
    (q) Ensure that the equipment is kept away from swimming pools
    (r) you agree to monitor weather conditions during the hire period, in the event that wind conditions pick up or heavy rain you will remove all patrons and turn off the blower till wind dies down and cover the blower from the weather.

If at anytime during the hire, a situation arises and you are unaware of the proper procedure, please contact Aarons Amusements immediately.

 3. Price and Payment

The hirer agrees to pay Aarons Amusements hire charge and any other charges, including charges for lateness, access, loss, damage, cleaning and repairs or any other expenses paid or payable by Aarons Amusements.

You agree that:
(a) Any quotation provided by us to you is valid for 7 days
(b) A 50% non refundable deposit is required to secure the equipment for the hire period. If job is invoiced non refundable deposit is required within 24 hours unless prior arrangements. 

You acknowledge that the equipment is not secured for the hire period until the deposit has been paid by you. 

You agree to pay Aarons Amusements any fees and applicable bonds for the equipment that you have requested in accordinace with our payment terms and by payment method.  We do not accept personal cheques. Unless by prior agreement.

All overnight hires will incur a bond payable in cash at the time of delivery to the instalation crew. On pickup the bond will be returned unless the condition of the equipment is assessed at our discretion as having incured damage, loss or requires additional cleaning from your hire preiod. You will then forfeit your bond and will receive an invoice payable within 7 days for any repairs over the bond total.  

4. Hirer Obligations
You acknowledge that the operation of the equipment and the safety of any person using the equipment whiist it is in your possession, is your responsibility.

You agree not to remove the equipment from the delivery address or any other location specified by you nominating where the equipment are to be used.

You agree to use the equipment in accordance with the safety provisions as set out in these terms and any additional safety instructions that is provided to you by us or our installers, including but not limited to our checklists accompanying equipment or attached to the equipment.

You acknowledge that you are responsible for ensuring that the equipment is in good working order at the time of collection. If you cause damage to the equipment and accessories or if parts of the equipment or accessories are lost, you are liable to pay the cost for repairs and/or replacement.

Upon installation of the equipment and final instructions from installation crew examine the equipment condition with the installation employee and note any damage. In accepting the equipment the hirer takens full responsibility for the condition of the equipment and is satisfied with the hire. The hirer acknowledges that it has in now way relied upon the skill and judgement of any representative made on behalf of Aarons Amusements in respect to the equipment, its purpose, suitability or performance. Should the hirer alter its installation or delivery requirements prior to, during, or after the installation or delivery the hirer is liable for all costs. 

The hirer is responsible for ensuring that the equipment is secure and safe from theft or damage during the hire period. If equipment is to be installed in a public or open site the hirer is responsible for ensuring that an adult over the age of 18 is with the equipment from the time of delivery to the time of pick up.

If the equipment is unclean or requires maintenance that is not routine or to be anticipated you accept liability for any reasonable costs and expenses incurred.

5. Loss or Damage to Equipment
If the equipment is lost, breaks down or is damaged, the hirer must notify Aarons Amusements of the details immediately. Notification shall not absolve the hirer from its obligations under these terms. In the event that the equipment breaks down or becomes unsafe to use, the hirer shall immediately stop using the equipment and take all steps necessary to prevent the equipment from sustaining any further damage. The hirer must also take all steps necessary to prevent injuries from occurring to any person or property as a result of the condition of the equipment and must not repair or attempt to repair the equipment without Aarons Amusements prior written consent. If the equipment is lost or damaged and the loss of or damage to the equipment is caused by the negligence or willful act of the hirer or the breach of any of these terms by the hirer, the hirer shall without limitation be liable for the following;

(a) any costs incurred by the Owner in repairing or replacing the equipment;

(b) hire charges for the equipment until the equipment is repaired or replaced;

(c) any other costs whatsoever incurred or loss suffered by Aarons Amusements as a result of the damage to or loss of the equipment.

6. Release of Indemnity
The hirer hereby releases Aarons Amusements from all liability to your or any other person or organisation for any damages, including without limitations any loss of profits, loss of goodwill, even if Aarons Amusements have been advised of the possibility of such a loss or damage.

The hirer agrees to indemnify Aarons Amusements our affiliates, our suppliers and their respective employees, contractors and agents in respect of any third party claims, action, suits, demands, costs and expenses for damage or injury to person or property arising directly or indirectly out of the hire or use of the equipment by the hirer or these terms.

Aarons Amusements hold a public liability insurance policy to cover Aarons Amusements and representatives due to malfunction or workmanship of $20,000,000.

7. Termination of Hire
Aarons Amusements may terminate the hire at anytime if:
(a) We consider that the request to hire equipment is inappropriate, improper or unlawful
(b) for any reason outside of our control which has the effect of compromising our ability to provide the equipment requested within the timeframe
(c) your payment of fees or bond bounces or is otherwise incomplete and you do not promptly rearrange for payment to be made
(d) if we determine it is unsafe to patrons and equipment to continue with the booking in accordance with our weather policy:

Our weather policy is: 
Rain Amount

If less than 10mm expected for the day, the Castle can be setup and operational.  The Jumping Castles have a rain/sun cover so will be able to cope with this level of rain.

Wind Speed   

If we cancel a booking due to weather and safety concerns a full refund will be issued or a credit note applied for your next booking with us. 
If you cancel your booking due to weather concerns, you will receive all monies paid except for your non refundable deposit, as long as you have given us more than 48 hours notice.

The hirer may cancel the booking but you will forfeit your non refundable deposit. If the booking is cancelled within 48 hours of the event date any monies paid including the non-refundable deposit will be forfeited as compensations for lost bookings to Aarons Amusements.  Cancellations of bookings on the day of the event will incur the full cost of the hire. 

Health and Safety
If the hirer elects to cancel their booking due to current climate health and safety concerns the following will occur:
- Any cancelattions with under 48 hours notice will forfeit all monies paid.
- Cancellations with only the non refundable deposit paid will forfeit the deposit
- Cancellations with monies in addition to the non refundable deposit will receive a credit voucher for a future booking valid for 6 months.